Meet Nicole

Nicole Giannini

Hello, I’m Nicole, a PMP certified Project Manager here to help you on your project management journey. I’m a radio lover that went to university for Mass Communications in hopes to make it big on a morning show. Life had other plans and I fell for the psychology and sales aspects of Marketing and Advertising. My search for a career in Advertising landed me in the profession of Project Management at a small marketing firm in Rockville, MD. During my time there I grew from Communications Directors to Chief Communications Office and finally spent some time as a Project Management and Marketing Consultant. 

Currently, I’m a Marketing Coordinator for a SAS company. I hope that by sharing what I have learned and the struggles I experienced I can make your journey a bit easier.

While I was studying to get my PMP I was so frustrated with the information and materials. I was spending time opening 100+ tabs and bookmarking but not really learning. The first problem was it was paragraphs of reading before I got to information I needed. The second problem was nothing related to how I actually managed projects so the information wasn’t clicking. After gaining my PMP I thought there has got to be an easier way to do this, there is no way people are having as difficult of a time. Unfortunately, I was wrong, no matter who I talked to their PMP journey was difficult to navigate, which left many without completing theirs. 

My goal is to keep posts as short as possible while still giving you the info you need. I would rather have more posts with specific content so you can get right to the point rather than longer posts covering a whole chapter. 

I started this blog to write and think through my own situations. So I try to use real life examples that you can relate to in order to make the information stick. My goal is to share situations in a humorous light in hopes that it helps you relate and solve your own problems. Along the way I try to give some advice for what I’ve learned.

PM Peasy is the product of my project management struggles and lessons learned. But I like to say when life gives you lemons, make a Tom Collins.